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Refinishing & Restoration

Ever thought about having your favorite piece of furniture completely restored? If so please consider allowing Alaska Woodcrafters to perform this very specialized service. The following is a description of how Alaska Woodcrafters performs its restorations. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 907-344-1064.

Our process starts out by determining if you want to:

– or –

This is a very critical step, consulting a professional is advised.

Preserving an Original Finish

Natural aging of a finish over the years can sometimes result in a very desirable and pleasing effect called patina. A classic example is the term “alligatored” referring to a cracked finish resembling an alligator hide. Depending on a number of factors removing this original finish could possibly devalue the piece of furniture.

Our Steps

  1. Cleaning an Original Finish
  2. Reviving the Old Finish
  3. Waxing and Polishing

Applying a New Finish

Often times applying a new finish is necessary to revive and prolong the life of your piece. This allows us to strip away the degrading finish, sand out any imperfections in the wood and finally stain and apply a new finish.

Our Steps

  1. Stripping & Bleaching Wood
  3. Fixing Minor Wood Damage
    • Contaminants in the wood
    • Steaming out dents and gouges
    • Sanding the wood
  4. Filling Wood Grain & Staining
    • Pigmented Stain: oil-based
    • Dye Stain: water soluble, alcohol soluble, and oil soluble
    • Pigmented-Dye Stain
  5. Applying a Finish
    • Shellac
    • Lacquer
    • Varnish
    • Oil finishes
    • Paint
    • Wax
  6. Finishing Touches

* Note that not all steps may be applied. It all depends on the condition of the wood and the outcome you desire to achieve.

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